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#BookDirect Day 2024

🔍 Are you a savvy traveler on the hunt for the best deals? Think again before you click ‘Book’ on those third-party travel sites!

When you book through third-party sites like VRBO or AirBnB, those extra charges can sneak up on you – from reservation modifications to unexpected service fees causing price increases of up to 20%. The good news is that when you book DIRECT with Coastal Carolina Vacations, you get transparency, the best rates, and perks that those other sites just can’t match.

Stop overpaying and start traveling smart!

Don’t let hidden fees take you by surprise. #BookDirect and invest in experiences, not expenses! 🏖️

Did you know… When you book through third-party sites, you might be stuck with unexpected charges that aren’t always planned for!

Service Fees? Yes! – Transaction Fees? Often! – Cancellation Headaches? Oh, plenty!

➡️ But when you book DIRECT with Coastal Carolina Vacations, you get to enjoy the booking process and look forward to your vacation sooner with less stress throughout the process – Flexible? Absolutely! – Local knowledge and expertise? You bet! – No Hidden Fees? Keep ’em coming!

Whether you’re looking to stay in a large beach home, or a property with a twist on a classic, we have the rentals for you! Book online or give us a call at 866-938-7497 – we would be happy to have you and help you #BookDirect!

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