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Your New Property Management Team

Measuring Success by Happiness

The Coastal Carolina Vacations Property Management Team
Home Town Growth

The Outer Banks is in part known for preserving it’s small town vibe by rooting for more locally owned businesses versus big chains. It is by Owner and CEO, Maggie Sexton’s vision of beginning Coastal Carolina Vacations, that we are gifted this new Property Management venture here in Nags Head, North Carolina. A company where the team will always put the people and the relationships first.

Deep Roots

The team is comprised of folks who have spent years growing and learning in this very community. Almost all have been here since the late 90s or early 2000s and some have families who’ve been here for many generations before them. It is by this that they have a knowledge base that is unmatched when it comes to the ins and outs of everything Outer Banks. It is also these deep roots that inspired Maggie to have such a passion for sharing the love of her home with everyone she meets.

unexpected Inspiration

Sometimes you find the words you need to hear in the most unexpected places. Maggie will tell you she isn’t much of an avid reader, but this past Summer she came across a line that struck a nerve. It was “Sometimes we have to leave what we know to find out what we know.” When thinking of that line she says, “when I reflected back on my 23 years working within the industry, it became so real that the relationships we build truly are the cornerstone of this business. I missed the relationships and that’s where my ‘happy’ was.” Leading her to dive headfirst into becoming a business owner in her own industry.

The Right People

Building a strong team is the essential foundation to any company. CCV truly has the trifecta when it comes to ownership. Aside from Maggie, the CEO/Owner/BIC, there is Natalia Holshouser, Owner and Chief Operations Officer, and Wayne Evans, Owner and Chief Financial Officer. If you ask Natalia what her motivation was for becoming an owner of CCV, she’ll tell you it’s because she doesn’t like staying in comfort zones. She believed her knowledge would be of best use by becoming a founder and entrepreneur while helping change the way the Outer Banks looks at Property Management. Meet the rest of the team https://www.coastalcarolinaobx.com/team.

Location is everything

When the dream became a reality to open CCV, having a prime location was imperative. After looking at many location opportunities, Woodhill Drive was chosen because of its visibility and accessibility. It was important that the aesthetic of the office match the vision behind the company, to be inviting and warm. Maggie recounts that there have been many visitors to the office already that say it feels just like home.

its about the people

What makes CCV unique is the importance that is put on a strong foundation of trust, built on excellent communication. Whether it is an owner, a guest, or a vendor, the team’s core goal is servicing individual’s needs. Meeting with the team at CCV will feel like sitting down at your family table and walking away with a genuine and profitable partnership. Maggie says the focus on each individual relationship “allows us to make better decisions on behalf of an owner and so that we can find the perfect location for the guests next family vacation.” Find out how to partner with them in the link below. https://www.coastalcarolinaobx.com/property-management

Happy life happy company

This is a team that believes success is measured by happiness. It is said that when someone feels appreciated their productivity is much higher and in turn, they are more successful. The owner’s at CCV strive to ensure the team, guests, owners, and anyone who works with CCV, feels appreciated and happy, and therefore successful. Maggie’s favorite quote is “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But, people will never forget how you made them feel.”

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